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New worlds hottest pepper!!!!!!

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I am by no means a hot pepper eater, but I do like a bit of heat at times....

They have created a new worlds hottest pepper. The cool thing is it was created here in the Great USA!!!!!!

Some may have seen this, others have not. Read with caution!!

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Isn't that Smokin! I've been following the development on Face book. Love his companies name, quite appropriate for the product!
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Hello Chef.  Hope you had a great Christmas.  I always have peppers in the fridge, both raw and pickled.  I regularly eat raw serranos, even with just a sandwich.  I just don't see the purpose of these SUPER DUPER hot peppers.  WHY would you eat it or even use it in food production?  Once you reach a certain temp you ruin the taste of the food.  As stated in the article, it becomes about macho and nothing to do with taste.  I see these fools like on Man v Food who eat this stuff and just wonder why???  Back in the days when I was young and dumb ( now just dumb ) I risked pain with the stupid stunts but this has ZERO risk.  It's a no brainer. IT IS GOING TO BE PAINFUL, twice.  As you read the article you find the pepper causes vomiting.  Why oh Why??  I guess to each his own.  Keep Smokin!


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Interesting article...... Dave
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