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UFC Fight Night Brisket

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Decided to order the UFC fight tonight and have some friends over.  I've been mentioning to them that it's been awhile since I smoked a brisket, so I decided to go for it for fight night.  Here's a 12.8 lb packer all rubbed up and put into the fridge for about 10 hrs. It's a simple rub of kosher salt, black pepper, onion and garlic powder, paprika and chile powder.  Smells and tastes absolutely amazing though.



Just getting ready to head into the pit with some oak



And my "apprentice" who wanted to learn how to smoke a brisket.  Guess going to bed at midnight and getting back up at 2 a.m. was too much for him, haha!

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Im following, it looks great already

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I'm about 4 hours in now, and just took my first peek.  Mopped it down with some beef stock, butter and worcestershire sauce, stuck my probe in and am at 144.  What good would taking a peek though without some food porn to back it up, right?


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Lookin' good so far...keep the qview comin'!





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Thanks guys, I'm 9 hrs in and sitting at 180, so it's going to finish right around the time I expected.  I gave it one last mop, and decided to go the no foil route.  I'm loving the way it's looking and smelling.  Really happy with the bark and can't wait until I slice it up.


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Looking good man!looking forward to seeing the end results on the brisket and the fight!
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Here it is coming off the pit, fat side up


And going into the foil, fat side down.  Really loving the bark on this side.




12 lb packer took 10 hrs with the temps ranging from 225-275.  Had it in fat side up the entire time and everyone wanted to maul it right away.  Have it double wrapped in foil, wrapped in 2 towels and a blanket to let it rest for about 3 hrs until the rest of the company gets here.  More to follow once it's all sliced up.

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Looks like it turned out great!  Nicely done!



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Really nice makes me hungry

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Sorry for not posting the results last night.  After only getting 2 hrs of sleep in 2 days, I passed out right after the fight.  This was without a doubt the best brisket I've made so far and everyone loved it.  Really can't wait to do my next one.


Here it is sliced up, it's a bad angle, but it was very moist and had a beautiful smoke ring


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That brisket looks awesome. Bet it taste as good as it looks
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that looks delicious.  i just ordered an amnps and will be doing my first brisket once it comes in

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Looks Great!  I never foil my brisket, I love the bark I get on it by letting cook foil free the whole time.

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