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andouille and 80 pounds of fresh sausage

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We had our sausage stuffing party today.  Ended up doing 15 pounds of andouille that I started last night and smoked today and then had 3 buddies over to make 80 pounds of italian, chorizo, and jalapeno and cheese fresh sausage.


The andouille was the nola recipe and then smoked with pecan.  It's absolutely fabulous and I'm wishing I did more than 15 pounds.



Cubed and ready for spices


hanging for the night


out of the smoker


money shot



Getting the fresh sausage started


last of the jalapeno and cheese mix


final stacks


another view of 80 pounds of sausage


Overall, it was a pretty good day and the sausage is awesome.  The Italian and the Chorizo are straight from Rytek's book, the Jalapeno is mainly taken from but with the cheese added in.  Half the batch was standard cheddar and the other half was high temp buffalo cheese.  WOW, is about all I can say.


thanks for looking

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Looks good, man almost 100 lbs total now that is my kind of party!
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looking real good I noticed your stuffer, I bought the same one a couple weeks ago, haven't had a chance to use it yet looks like it worked well for you?

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Looks great. Thinking about trying the andouille recipe myself.
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Looks like a sausagefest!
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Thumbs Up  keep goin dont stop!!  looks great

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Wow 100# that's starting to sound like work......LOL 

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Do you need help storing that sausage. The conditions here in the Rockies are ideal storage conditions. Just saying.



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Looks good we are going to butcher pigs in Feb there our about 8 to 10 of my buddies we get together and butcher 10 to 15 pigs start to finish in one day it is a lot of work but a lot of fun there may be some beer drank lol
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One heck of a party! Great looking sausage. 

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