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Belly weight?

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What's the avg weight of a pork belly? I am getting 40 pounds for $1.60 a pound and it comes in a 40 pound box.My dad wants some side pork also is that from the bellies and just not cured and smoked?

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I recently bought a 60lb box of pork sides. It had some of the rib bones and the skin on. There was 6 sides or 3 pigs worth. The size of pigs can vary quite a bit as well so it is hard to say.

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Depends on the age of the pig...... I bought a case.... 4 bellies.... 63 lbs... no ribs... just skin and meat...

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For bellies that I have bought at commercial-oriented supply stores, I have found that on average, skinless bellies tend to be 9-10 lbs, and skin-on 12-15 lbs. From a farm or butcher, that might be different.

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