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Cajun Country Boil

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A couple times a year, when crawfish are in season, I order a 40# sack from my supplier in LA. We do a traditional boil. Drink Abita beer, pick crab and crawfish. The boil water is seasoned with my suppliers secret spice mix, liquid boil concentrate, bags of Zatarain's crab boil spice, lemon halves that get squeezed first and then dumped in and finally heads of garlic that have been cut in half. Vegis include red skin potatoes, sweet onions and ears of corn. Generally that will suffice, but if it is a big crowd, I might do a side of seafood stuffed mirlitons. I also add chunks of homemade andouille sausage.





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Looks great.
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Well how fabulous! The mound in your picture looks terrific!!!!! What a fun thing!


I've never been properly introduced to that experience and would love to learn the real way! 


Happy Friday! 


Cheers! - Leah

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Looks like Pond crawfish, easier on the fingers..... sweeter meat too. really looks good.


Thank you for sharing.

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The last two sacks I got were supposed to be wild harvested. There wasn't much "extra" in with them as there was with the known pond raised I got once. That sack had snails and grass mixed in. The color reminded me of Gulf brown shrimp.

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It just depends on the fisherman. Some use grading tables in their boats. This lets all the trash and small crawfish fall out before getting to the sacks. The season is just getting going. Can't wait to have some. We usually have them at least twice a week either in resturants or at home.
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You need to try you some mushrooms in your veggies.
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Originally Posted by papap View Post

You need to try you some mushrooms in your veggies.


Thanks papap! Do you use white button mushrooms or creminis? Maybe some wild mushrooms?

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The small button ones. If there really big I cut them in half. They really soak up the spices. So be careful. LOL
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Ah, just found a shot of another boil. This time the crabs are deep water, golden crabs which were done separately and steamed Maryland style. We also had some steamed clams.

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Holy Wow, that's beautiful! Looks terrific! Cheers! - Leah

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You made me hungry. Our first ones of the season. image.jpg 678k .jpg file
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papap beat me to the punch on mushrooms.  They are a MUST in any boil.


Went to my cousin's house earlier this year for a crawfish boil and he threw something in the pot that I've never seen before.  A whole pineapple!  Well, actually a few whole pineapples, minus the outer "covering".  Talk about the best pineapple I've ever had!


Keep in mind these were big pots and we went through about 200 lbs of crawfish.

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Dang papap, I didn't realize they were available this early. I'll have to check with my supplier and see if I can get some. You got my mouth watering now!


AJBert, my wife reminded me that we have had mushrooms in a boil at our daughters. My SIL is a registered coona$$. My daughter loves the mushrooms, my wife does not. Pineapple wow, my wife would probably love it, but I'm allergic to fresh pineapple.


When I do a sack at home for just the wife and myself, we purposely end up with about 2# of tails. One of our favorite things to do with the tails is to make a grilled pizza.

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

Looks like Pond crawfish, easier on the fingers..... sweeter meat too. really looks good.


Thank you for sharing.

Foamy,  How can I, (a non Cajun), tell a pond crawfish from a wild bayou raised one?

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Wild are usually darker. But unless they are side by Side it's hard to tell most of the time.
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Pond crawfish are smaller, and like Papap said, the swamp crawfish are darker in color with a lot of black on their shells with much larger claws. ROFLMAO they are free range crawfish! The swamp is a hostile environment to live in. When I was a kid we crawfished along the train tracks and got the same type as the pond crawfish. Everyone complained about the size but at the end of the day your thumbs appreciated the smaller crawfish. Swamp or devil crawfish have very hard shells and tear your thumbs up even with the most experienced peeler. Crawfishing like crabbing always involved a days trip away from the house and was always a day of fun while gathering food for the family and neighbors. You could not go crabbing/crawfishing if you could get enough to feed the family and neighbors.


Sorry for hijacking Dogboa, my apologies.

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Not sure about pond crawfish being smaller. We have some farmer around Lake Arthur that their crawfish are much larger than any caught in the wild.
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Foamheart, Useful information is never hijacking! These were from the last sack I got, after purging.


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