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New AMNPS... where to start?

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My wife got me the 5x8 AMNPS for Christmas, & I'm trying to figure out what I want to try first. It came with a small bag of oak pellets, & I have a large offset smoker, grill & gas grill combo. I was thinking of cold smoking some cheese while I'm still on vacation & temps are appropriate in Dallas. The smoked salt I hot smoked last year didn't turn out as well as I hope, so I may do that as all.
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You can cold smoke salt, pepper, cheese, nuts.... let your imagination flow,,, hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs or egg salad.
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A suggestion you would never think of, Pops smoked some popcorn kernels. Didn't work. BUT he put the kernels in with a shaker of his favorite salt and the salt took the smoke.


I have heard folks talking about smoking salt for days on end, maybe Pops experiment might help you out. I keep thinking I was going to do it also.


Just something to try with whatever else you throw in there, its cheap, it doesn't need much room and you might find it useful. I have not heard anything else from Pops about it.


I have some jumbo pecan halves in the freezer, thinking smoked pecans might be a winner for the national championship game. But seems I have read where they need to be packaged and allow to mellow. <shrugs>


Whatever ya do, you're gonna like that smoke generator! I suggest a large Tupperware container to store your torch and pellets. You will love experimenting with the different pellets.

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