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5 day dry aged smoked prime rib for Christmas dinner. With Lots of Q view. - Page 3

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Originally Posted by mchar69 View Post

Really nice color on the beef, Boatbum - I'm just up Connecticut Ave. in Kensington.

Chowdah recipe looks killer, too.

I agree on the shrimp - I CANNOT get anything but dirty tasting

stock from, well, Asian shrimp.


Nice write up!

That's cool! I love Kensington, lived there as a kid. Still have to have a Continental steak and cheese every few months or I go into withdrawals.

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Boy, I'm glad this got bumped----I hate to miss an awesome Prime Rib !!!


Nice Plate, too!!!


If you had time to stick to your original plan, it would have been pink all the way across.


No big deal though---Had to be Mighty Tasty !!!!  My invite must have gotten lost in the Christmas rush!!!




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Thanks Bear! It was pretty good if I do say so m'self. I'm actually a fan of the varying degrees of doneness in prime rib. I'd planned to do the reverse sear mainly for my wife's sake, as she absolutely loves medium rare. Just didn't plan well and ran short on time. Actually almost decided to bag smoking it and just do it in the oven, but decided to go for it at the last minute. If I get another smoker I'll definitely try the reverse sear. It looks REALLY tasty.

I think we gotta complain to the postmaster general, everyone's invitations seem to have been lost in the mail. :)

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I bought a 22 pound Standing Rib Roast from Publix.  They had them on sale for $6.49 a pound, down from $11.99 a pound.  I had the butcher separate the ribs, then tie them back for me.  I let the roast stand in the refrigerator for 5 days at 36 degrees (my beer fridge), then took it out and let it stand for about 2 hours.  I trimmed a bunch of the fat from the outside of it and just left about 1/8 inch layer on the outside.  I rubbed the whole roast with a paste of Olive oil, Rosemary Garlic seasoning and salt and pepper, even under the ribs then tied them back up.  I got my Masterbuilt 40 smoker (man I love this smoker) up to 275 degrees with the vent all the way open, filled it with mesquite and started to smoke.  After 1 hour, I reduced the temp to 230 and closed the vent halfway.  I kept adding wood about every hour.  At 125 degrees in the center, I pulled the roast from the smoker which was about 5 hours. An hour before I pulled the roast, I fired up all 3 burners on my gas grill, closed the door and let it hit 500 degrees (all burners on high). Right before I pulled the roast I turned off the burners.  I let the roast sit on the grill for about 5 minutes, rotating it constantly because of flare ups and let it get nice and brown on the outside.  This roast was perfect because the ends were medium well (several of our guests like it this way) and the center was medium to medium rare.  I cut it into half inch slices and served it up and everybody raved about it.  One lady told me it was "orgasmic" which I think is about the best compliment I've ever had regarding my meat!  I've 3 of these large ones now over the last 3 years and my rule of thumb is about 14 minutes per pound but I still use my Thermapen to verify the inside temp.


Also, my Mother-in-law had brought over a 3 pound beef tenderloin. An hour before I took the rib roast out of the smoker, I rubbed it down with just garlic salt and pepper and added it to the smoke.  I pulled it right before the Rib roast and rolled it on the grill for about a minute to brown it also.  The tenderloin picked up much more smoke than the rib roast but it was just right.  I tented it with aluminum foil and just let it rest until everything else was done and it was perfect.

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