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Bring on the Bratwurst recipes!

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I've convinced myself that its time to give it go with Bratwurst. I've been looking for a good brat recipe and have found a few but I'm not real impressed. I read some of these and think I may as well head to the store and pick up a six pack of Johnsonville brats you know?

I'd like a Bratwurst with a little heat to it. I don't want it to burn but if it had a little bite to it that would be great. If someone had a great Bratwurst recipe to share I would sure appreciate it.

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If you want heat add cayenne, habanero or jalapeno powder.

Remember the search function is your friend-

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Post #33 plus half cup of nfdm and 2tbs of dry minced onions. It will be a hit.

Adding a couple tsp of cayenne will heat it right up, although maybe brats lend themselves to a vinegar based hot sauce addition (Tabasco?).
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I love shooter ricks attitude brats. By far my favorite recipe. Everyone RAVES about them. For a twist try bratwurst burgers. No casing just make the meat into a patty. So good!
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Since you mentioned Johnsonville Brats, this thread is worth reading...JJ

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I have made up a variation of Shooter Ricks recipe and a Wisconsin brat recipe and use that as my "base". I then like to kick it up a bit. Base recipe below:

20 lbs. well-fatted pork shoulder/butt
½ cup kosher salt
¼ cup sugar
3 TBSP freshly ground black pepper
1 TBSP freshly grated nutmeg
3 TBSP toasted and freshly ground coriander
1 tsp. ground celery seed
1/2 tsp. ground marjoram
2 TBSP ground ginger
2 TBSP good paprika
2 TBSP dried rosemary
1/3 cup dry mustard
1 cup dry milk powder
4 cup cold water

I made this exact recipe up last week and then split it in half. To 10 lbs, I added 1 lb of cooked/chopped bacon and 1 lb of crumbled blue cheese. To the other 10 lbs I added approximately 1.5 lbs of a morel mushroom/garlic/butter/olive oil mixture I cooked up with extra morels I had last May. I sauteed them down, let them cool and threw them in a gallon ziploc bag and froze them until last week. I also added approximately 12 oz of cooked wild rice to the mixture. I wasn't sure how the morel/wild rice brats would turn out, but was very pleased when I cooked them up - it was incredible. My girlfriend isn't much into mushrooms, but loves the bacon blue cheese brats. Everyone who tried them gave them rave reviews.

That same day I also made up 20 lbs of the NOLA andoullie recipe and smoked them the next day. Incredible as always. I know, I know. . . . . thread is useless without pics - maybe next time I'll remember to take a few pictures.
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I have used the AC Legg bratwurst seasoning and have been pleased. I have used straight pork and venison/pork mixture with success.

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With what's linked here and the search... It should prove more than enough to get started.
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