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Attempting My First Ham.... HELP!

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Ok, so I have read up on Pops' ham techniques, and what not.. But, I am still unsure what I am capable of today.. I brined the ham in Tenderquick for about a week.  I'd say it's something in the 10-15lb range.  I pumped it full of a variation of Pops brine - only differences is I did not add salt because I used TenderQuick.  I put some pickling spice in there, and worcestershire as well as some other stuff. 


 We're hoping to eat in about 6 hours, obviously I know this is not enough time to smoke.  I left the meat to dry overnight in the fridge, after washing it off.  I have hickory wood soaked and ready, and I use a Brinkmann electric smoker.  My question is this... Should I throw it on the smoker now, and finish in the oven? Or, is this something I should save until tomorrow and smoke in its entireity?  Or maybe even just pop on the smoker until it is done tonight?  I've read something like 45 minutes to a pound, and was thinking of just making that 55 minutes just in case.  That would put me anywhere from 7-10 hours...


Thoughts?  I'm kind of nervous, as this is my first ham - thankfully it is really just a side project of mine, and not 'the Christmas meal', so I can mess it up without leaving people hungry.  I planned it that way, so it could be a relatively stress free experiment... But, it's Christmas, and I want to smoke something, and ideally eat it!


I think I'm just going to fire up the smoker and take a crack at it..

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Did you not use cure #1 in the brine? Cure #1 and TQ are not interchangeable.
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Yeah, that's what I was afraid of... But, I did read that Tenderquick can be used as a brine... Other issue is that I did not boil the water/let sit prior to mixing... So, the next question is.. Should I just throw this thing out?  I guess it's worth taking a shot at, right?

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