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New to smoking & using propane

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Just bought my father his first smoker and it is a Masterbuilt propane smoker and we are currently attempting to season for Xmas day porkloin smoking. I've consulted several of the threads and friends trying to make sure we are doing this correctly. I soaked some apple chips for about 40 mins, then placed chips and water I'm the pan and have let it run at about 225-275 for a lil over an hour or so now, my question is this, do I add water often, and will I see much smoke at all? I'm used to the wood burners of the day and wanted to make it simple and such for my father. Tips, comments and such would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome to the forum. Great info and helpful folks here always willing to lend a hand.
Now...are you telling us you put wood chips and water in a pan together for seasoning the smoker?
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Yes what water I had in the soaking process I poured Into the chip pan figuring it would evaporate while heating and smoking the brand new box.
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You really don't want to use water in the seasoning process. Plus, all its going to do is delay the smoke process and give you a smudgy seasoning on the inner surfaces.
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Ya I realized it after saying that it should just be the wet chips only. Thank you
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