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curing belly bacon

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My belly bacon has been in pops brine brine for 10 days. I just found out that my garage fridge is at 33 degrees as tested by my maverick. Is this cold temp going to have an effect on my cure time? I was planning on smoking it after 14 days.
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You might warm the brining container up to about 40 or so in the house... back porch... then put back in the refer.... might put a small light bulb in a trouble light, and put it in the refer so the temp control will work... Not sure how much effect cold has on curing, only that someone says, "cure at temps 36-38 degrees.... Cold could slow down the curing process.....
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Should be fine. Pull it out after 14 days and give it a poke test. The surface will still be a bit squishy but should overall feel firm. If so, give it a fry test, then you're good too go. If it's still too squishy, drop it back into the brine for another day or so.

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