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DTG Smoke #8 - Pineapple/Orange Brisket

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This will be quick, because it is yet again, another brisket.  Same ole song and dance as usual, except when I foiled it, I dumped about 1/4 cup of pineapple/orange juice into the foil.  This one weighed 13lbs, and took about ten hours.  It only stalled for two hours, and I only let it rest for one hour because we were hungry!


Here ya go:



Back to $1.77/lb









Milk jug for comparison.






After trimming cap.




Mount Everest of fat...




And the normal rub I always use from this site.








Finished product.  Smoke ring was even deeper than usual.








It turned out great!  Juicy again too.  Starting to get a lil sick of brisket though......but don't tell anyone!!

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Looks good to me.


I have yet to try a packer.


Better get my butt in gear.

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I think the pineapple sounds really fabulous! that must have added a lovely twist! Cheers! - Leah

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