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First cheese in newly built smoker Q-view

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Been stocking up. Got 4 x sharp, 2 farmers, 2 jalapeno white cheedar, 2 colby monterey jack 2%, 2 Cracker Barrel Vermont sharp cheddar, 1 CB aged reserve xsharp white cheddar, Jarlsberg, thanks to humdinger, Hoffman's roasted garlic, cabots buffalo wing whit cheddar Philly cream cheese with lipton onion soup mix poured over the top. Bread crumbs are good too.Cream cheese wiyh lipton onion soup mix on top

First cheese in new smoker


After apple smoke

Before and after. Not alot of color cause of cold. 41/2 hrs on apple

Maybe some goose jerky

Maybe some Goose jerky. No luck.

Same cheese different ambient temps

Difference in colors. Note the dates The one in June was 60* at night 6 hrs. of smoke

Ran a light bulb so cold

Second batch I put 2 xsharp 1 farmers 1 colby, 1 vermont, the cabots, 1jalapeno wc, On pitmasters. Was going to do just maple but would'nt stay lit. Was getting late and had gone out the night before. Was getting alittle po. Put a light in and covered the hole up good to keep critters out this got the temp up to 30* .

Added a shelf before 2nd smoke it is 41/2 hrs later. Going to do side by side on same cheese diff smokes.

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Forgot I did Bellavitino Rasberry it is from Satori on apple. And Belgioiso Asiago

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That looks great very nice,      Nice color on the one there on the left


You will be stocked up for a while I just did 13lbs last week also

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