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Teflon comes off wire racks.

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I have been using some non-stick cooling racks in my smokehouse. Today I made some Canadian Bacon and when I pulled the loin off the racks some of them stuck. When I turned the meat over, some of the non-stick coating was stuck to the meat. Can I buy another type of rack? Maybe stainless steel? I thought about spraying the racks with a non-stick spray, such as Pam, but I felt that between the smoke and the heat that it would evaporate and the meat would still stick. Any ideas?


Nivek Elborts
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I was also using Teflon racks, but fortunately did not have that problem "YET"

I just bought a frog mat for over my grill rack, so far it seems to be working great.  Should be able to do a search for them, and find a couple different sizes.


Also look at these mats from Amazen products:

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