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Measurements please...

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Evening Gents.


Can you guys give me an idea on the measurements from the top of the pot to the grate support bolts?  I'll have 2 cooking grate levels in my pot.

And i'll be using the steamer plate that came with the pot as my defuser. 

Thanks so much and happy  happy happy holidays!

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My top rack is right around 4" from the top of the pot. When I use a second rack it sits at the steamer tray level. I have a modified rack that will slip past the tamale steamer lip. I place my chunk of granite of there when doing double rack smokes.
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I have 3 racks in mine with room for the 4th (which i made but never put the rivets in to hold it, I used 1/2" long pop rivets instead of bolts... cleaner look on the outside)... I set the bottom one on the indented lip at the bottom... and then just divided the others up evenly... what I did do that I don't like is... I put 4 rivets for each level... makes it harder to get grates in and out.... next time i will only use 3 per level.... I can load it up with a crapload of ABT's....
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