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2 Pork Butts w/ QVIEW

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Hello all,


Did 2 pork butts over the weekend for a Christmas party and man did they turn out good!  They were both 8 lb each and by far the most weight I've had on the Master Forge Electric yet.  Put them on around midnight Sunday and figured on about a 12 hour cook at 250 degrees.  After 4 hours and an internal temp of 165 I pulled them out and wrapped them and 4 hours later they were at 205 so they went in the cooler at that point for about an hour to rest.  Really was surprised how quickly they cooked but it just goes to show that every cook is a little different.  I figured at least one of them would stall and take longer than the other.  Pulled and served and everyone loved it...even the 5 and under crowd!  



Rubbed down and ready for the smoker.



Before the cooler.  So tender the bones fell out in the smoker when I picked them up.



Pulled and ready for the crowd.


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Love the pulled pork! :drool

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Looks fantastic. Did you do both the same way?

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 Great looking PP. Glad it all turned out well!



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Yes pacedawg I did do them both the same way.  Coated with a thin layer of mustard so the rub would stick.  Was in a time crunch so had to go with a store bought rub which I haven't done before on pork butt.  Went with Uncle Yammy's Rib Rub...great flavor!!  Had not heard of it before but turns out it's made not to far from the house here so I figured why not.  Don't know if it's something you can get nationwide but they do have a website  from which you can order.  Don't know the exact ingredients but gave the meat a nice mild but sweet flavor.  I will be getting more of it for the future.

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