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Tough casings on smoked kielbasa

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Smoked some kielbasa for the first time yesterday. Started them at 120* until casings were dry. Bumped the temp up 10* every hour until the chamber temp was 170*. Pulled the kielbasa out when I.T. hit 152*. Cold water bath then hung to bloom for 2 hours. Casings are very tough. Very dry and chewy. I used Hatfield casings that were packed in salt. Soaked the casings for 2 hours before stuffing. I used my MES 30 with no water in the pan. What am I doing wrong?

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I would have to say maybe the casings, but I sure as heck hope not. I have the same ones in my fridge right now waiting to be stuffed. Im sorry I am not that helpful.

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 I would say you didnt soak them long enough.... I would soak them for a few days changing the water frequently.. They need to be silky smooth............

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