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Need help.

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I have a fully cooked ham I need to cook for my in-laws for Christmas eve.

Using my uds. It is 7 lb.

How long per lb and what temp.

Thinking smoking at 250 - 275.

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I really recommend Bear's Double Smoked Ham.





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I might have to use my mes but want to use my uds.
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Bump for more info.
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OK, my reading shows 30 min per lb.

8.5 = 4.25 hours.

Should I wrap in foil at some point?
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Watch the IT and when it gets to 145 pull out. If you're going to glaze it put the glaze on around 135-140. Wrap in foil and in the cooler with it until you want to eat.

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No glaze.
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I do a maple bourbon ham and they always take right around 6 hours @225... I go to an IT of 165` ....
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Thanks, but 6 hours won't work.

Maybe I wll leave work early to give me more time.
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