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spiral ham smoke

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Since I was at the grocery store this weekend and noticed they had spiral cut hams on sale for .99 a pound I decided to try the double smoke method.  Put mustard and Jeff's rub on the outside and then put the rub between slices for the first 3 slices or so, not knowing if my kids would like it.  Then put the ham into the smoker at 10am and set it for about 200 degrees with one channel of the pellet smoker full of apple pellets.


About noon it was only up to 58 degrees.


About 3 it was at 80 degrees so upped the smoker to 225.  The smoke ran out around 2:00 or 3:00, so figured that was enough smoke.


At 5 it was at 130 and figured that was enough.  I didn't want to put the sugar glaze on it this time so left it naked and fed the family. 


Quite simply the best ham I've ever had.  The slices with the rub in between were a little too salty but when paired with a slice without the rub in the same bite, it was AWESOME! 


Gotta try it again when they're on sale.


pre cook pic


post cook



Money shot, but I noticed the camera didn't pick up the pink color.  Trust me, it was nice and pink....


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Beautiful !  And at a buck a pound a real bargain. 

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Thanks for the post. Nice looking ham. I haven't done a ham yet. I think its time to. 

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Thats the only way we do spiral cut ham anymore.  Great job looks awesome.

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wish I could get that kind of price, I love smoked ham.  Take that bone and toss it in a pot of beans for some more good eating.

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