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Brined Chicken Thighs and Breast

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I was reading a thread on a BBQ site, don’t remember which one, and the poster had shared a story about getting rubs and brine out to his son in Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. Of the companies he tried, the only one that provided him with the items without costing him a fortune and on time was Oakridge BBQ. I took a look at their site and saw that they had posted a recipe called Game Changer Brined Chicken Thighs.


Over the summer I bought two bulk packs of Perdue Chicken thighs from BJ’s with the bone-in and skin on and still had a pack of 24 in the freezer. Since they come pack 4 thighs to pack, I took out two packs and a pack of Perdue boneless and skinless breasts.


I followed the instructions for brining the chicken and placed it in the refrigerator for 1 hour and 15 minutes. 




After rinsing the pieces and then drying them I put the chicken in another zip lock bag and mixed op ½ cup of EVOO and ½ cup of Oakridge BBQ Secret Weapon rub.  I worked the rub and oil mix until they were all covered and put back in the fridge for 10 minutes waiting for the grill to even out.



Since I have a Weber Genesis 310 with the burners from left to right I lit the back burner and threw on my 6” AMNTS with BBQ Delight Apple Pellets. Could only get the temp to 310* with one burner lit, which was fine for me. I left them alone for 30 minutes, flipped and did another 30 minutes. I then pulled the AMNTS, lit the other burners and did each side for 5 minutes to finish up.



The color was awesome, the breasts were really juicy as well as the thighs and the taste was unbelievable. Since it was only my wife, myself and one of our daughters, we have enough for leftovers Tuesday night after church.


Thanks for looking and have a safe and happy holiday.


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looks like some very tasty chicken there. good job.Never had that rub. How was it? Did it have good heat in it?

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It had a little bit of a bite on some pieces and barely any on others. For us, my wife and myself really can't tolerate too much heat, I guess that's one of the drawbacks with getting old. Ever since I hit 55 I seem to tolerate it less and less. ~Joe. 

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