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Smart or not

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thought it was better than freezing my balls off so far so good just a little smokeyin the garage got 4 buts on
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From the carbon monoxide stand point not.
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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

From the carbon monoxide stand point not.




I'd be very careful of using any outdoor cooker indoors.  Even though you've vented it outside, its obvious your smoker is still exhausting some smoke into your garage, which means it is also exhausting carbon monoxide into your garage. 



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i think i would crack that garage door open a few inches.

(co is a little heavier than air, so crack a window too)

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Yep got garage cracked and back door crackrd als got co2 detector by the house/garage door I expect it to be less smokey when the amazing smoke generator runs out then it will be just the pellets
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Oh, what the heck.... a little carbon monoxide never hurt anybody. Oh wait...actually it does! Crack that door, man! If you're worried about your nuts getting cold, imagine how cold they'll be when you're laying in a box in the ground.
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Ok got co2 detector in the garage now and nuts still warm. Lol ok maybe not smart but working well
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