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Smoked raisins?

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Anyone ever smoke grapes to make smoked raisins?


What other fruits are good to smoke. I like melons of all sorts so I guess it would be like making dried fruit.


Apples?  The same as melons I guess.


I'll get some of the amazin mat material and lay it out and just do a nice single layer of assorted sliced fruit and see what comes out good.

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IMHO if you want smoked raisins then you should just smoke the raisins, not the grapes.

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i guess this advice follows along with your signature.


yeah that makes sense. i was thinking the moisture in the grapes would help penetrate the flavor into the whole fruit.  raisins are more dense so i didnt think the flavor would penetrate much.  i've made raisins in the oven before. place on a baking pan and set the oven at 180* and leave the door cracked open about a half inch and left  it for 4 hours and they came out nice.

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Smoked strawberries are AMAZING!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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Slice em or leave em whole?

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Whole - mopped through grapeseed oil first...Here's where I used them. Enjoy!!! Cheers! - Leah


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That plate looks delicious.


Do you think it would be best to mop all my fruit with grapeseed oil. Which btw I heard is one of the best oils to fry in since it has a higher smoke point.

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Thank you so much!


I use grapeseed oil on absolutely everything I cook, (fruit, grilled lobster, meats, all fish, veggies) due to the high heat friendly aspect and the healthy factor too.


Here's to delicious stuff!!!!


Cheers!!! - Leah

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