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Smoking in the Rain

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Just have 20 lbs of steelhead candy in the smoker.

what does everyone do to keep the rain off their electric smokers when it's miserable outside.

Here is what I came up with
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Looks like that does the trick!  I'm fortunate to have a nice big covered porch, so weather is rarely a factor during smokes.



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Days like today make me want to put a roof on the pergola
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I keep my MES in my shed, which is big enough for me do some smoking in and I have ran electricity from the house to the shed. 


I run the smoker off the shed hydro when it is nicer weather.  Some day I will totally rewire the inside of the shed, simply mind you to give me light on switch and 2 plugs on the walls and maybe a covered on the side where the BBQ and Smoker sit in better weather.  The BBQ itself, sits under a lean too, which is nothing but 2 4x4s stuck in holder that were designed for a 4 post pergola, I use the two closest to the shed.  Across those I put a 2x6, nailed and bolted to the side of the uprights.  This cross member is 4 foot 5 inches from the shed roof overhang.  So across that span, under which the BBQ sits, I put up about 15 to 18 6 foot fence boards, pushed them tight together and screwed them to overhang top and the board I have hanging across the uprights.  This can be seen in the video below-.





Now the only thing I have changed back there since this video was shot earlier this summer, that Star on shed doors, When it opened, used to get me all the time.  I have no moved it, it is on the right hand door, never to injure anybody again

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Originally Posted by NoVaDoC View Post

Days like today make me want to put a roof on the pergola

throw a temporary tarp over the pergola.... use bungy cords to hold it tight
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Well the rain storm turned into an ice storm

Power will be out all day
And I have 20 lbs of snack sticks ready to go into the smoker
oh well
i have lots of smoked steelhead i can eat

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Can't view your video, I get a message that says "This video is private"



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That umbrella trick looks fantastic and the end result does too! Fabulous! Cheers! (From someone who grills & smokes in the snow)!!! - Leah

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10' x 10' EZ Up
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