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Smoking Question

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I was thinking of throwing some pork ribs on the smoker tonight, St. Louis style. My question is right now in Missouri we are facing an ice storm. Is this going to effect how my meat comes out? I've worked in snow but never ice... I'll probably do 2-3 slabs with maple/apple mixture with a modified 3-2-1 method. Aby help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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No shelter available for your pit? Patio umbrella ? Pop up shelter ? Sheet of plywood?
I would think if you can keep it fairly dry you won't fare too badly. What kind of smoker do you have ?
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Only problem I see with the ice is falling on you ass bringing the ribs into the house and ruining them.
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Double up on personal antifreeze, if its a tended type smoker and you usually check it hourly you might check it a bit more than usual. If its electric pull it to cover.


Make sure and maintain your personal hydration, you lose a lot of fluid in the storm so drink more than average. Your bride will of course understand and be glad you're looking out for yourself..


BTW remember if you have a problem after the first three hours you can take it to the oven inside because foiled, it takes no smoke anyway. BUT it does mean you'll have a great chance for a controlled application of some great glaze or sauce to be slowly baked on. Oh yeah baby!

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The area used to have a large metal awning but it fell down during an ice storm lol. I use a Royall 1100 electric pellet smoker. I will be sure to stay hydrated, I bought two bottles of whiskey instead of one! :P
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Originally Posted by geerock View Post

Only problem I see with the ice is falling on you ass bringing the ribs into the house and ruining them.




That's cuttin' through the BS, geerock.


As mentioned, if you can protect your electric smoker from the elements for the first 3 hours, you can foil and finish in the kitchen where its warm and dry...


Good luck...Please post Qveiw!



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