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Ok...i got my AMNPS and did a pork butt in my 40 MES.

Now i think i understand thin "blue" smoke....But i think Trike is right ..i had to pull it 3 times to light it. I left the damper open, chip loader out a few inches and chip pan pulled out a bit and it still went out. I torched the hell out of it and let it burn for a while and it still smoldered out.

I then threw a small chip in the chip loader and boom...white caustic smoke that choked me.

Im going to try the microwave pellet drying test next. Have to say so far it still is bettter then loading the chip tray and watching the white billowing smoke .


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Dry the pellets in the smoker for a couple hours before using them... I dry mine at 275 for 2 hours in the MES....
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LOve mine and microwaving helps I tend to over do things but I microwave it for about a minute let it sit out for a couple minutes then nuke it another minute, once they are nice and hot put them in my AMZNPS and light her up.  Let it burn with a flame until it goes out then I blow on the cherry to get that flame back up strong and let it go out again.  Finally blow on the cherry a few more times just ot get her hot and pop it in the MES 30 right above the chip burner on a rack.  Make sure it is covered by a pan or something so your meats are not dripping on it.  Also I stopped using the water pan altogether since the moisture can mess with your pellets and have not noticed a difference in my meats being juicier or dryer.

Now storage, I use old milk containers that have been cleaned and dried thoroughly to hold my pellets and before I put the cap on I put a couple layers of plastic wrap then put the lid on tight.  I live in Omaha and our summers can be damn humid sometimes.

Oh yeah worst comes to worst you can always look up the mailbox mod for this thing I hear that works great.

Once you have it figured out Bueler you are going to love this thing.

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