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Proper planning questions

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Just perusing the bacon forums in anticipation of my end of year plans. I'm getting 4 whole bellies and cutting them into 4 pieces each. My first attempt at bacon was just curing a honey cure that we all loved. I'm getting an amazin smoker for Xmas though and plan on smoking all 16 pieces. I'm gonna cure the same way but need some tips on keeping the temp below 140*. Its a Brinkman Trailmaster that usually runs 250* when I do my ribs or butts. I use charcoal in the firebox with pear or pecan wood. I know I wont need to do all of that with the amazin on hand but whats the best way to get a low heat?

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Are you cold smoking?

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It Bacon! If you are using a Nitrite Cure you don't need any heat unless the outside temp is below 36°F. When I smoke my Bacon I use the AMNPS and my MES is off. 10 hours later it is done and smoked to my liking. There is no reason to add heat unless you plan to slice it raw and have a sandwich. Most fry there Bacon to some degree, I like it Crisp. In any event in that smoker, 10 lit Briquettes with the fresh air damper at 1/4" or closed if it is leaky, should keep the temps under 200°...JJ

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@Grits i'll be using an amazin for the smoke production but i read on a bacon post that there should be some sort of heat to get the smoke flavor into the meat.


@chef    ok. cool. yeah i'll be using pink salt. my question was more in response to what i had read as mentioned above.  my plan is to use just the amazin. my smoker (thankfully) does not have leaks. therefore i was gonna put the amazin in the offset box but close to where it comes together with the cook cylinder.

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I don't used heat to smoke with, just cold smoke with amazin and that all never had a problem. It depends how much smoke you want.Thin blue smoke with an air flow with smoke kissing the meat.

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aight. thanx

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It is true that some guys apply heat and it does speed things up but is not necessary. It's your choice. The AMNPS will burn 10 hours so you can set it up and let it go...JJ

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I'm fairly new to this site.  There are two ways to do bacon.  Cold smoke and hot smoke.  I've only made buck board bacon once.  I have another one curing now that I'm going to smoke this week.  My first one was cold smoked, and everyone liked it.  There are two separte sections on here for smoking bacon both ways are good, with not much difference in taste from what I have read.  I want to find some pork bellies to make some bacon with.  I'm sure no matter which method you use it will be good.

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