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Spare Ribs

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Just posting pics of my Q since I haven't since I joined.
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Looks great!  Very nice color on those...bravo.png



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Pretty ribs...... OMW Amarillo! Late December...... 5 or 6 ft of snow on the grow? The coldest city in the US, not even a barbed wire fence between you and the North Pole! So did they leave the gate open yet?


Great memories there. Hope to see more of your smokes!

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Tasty looking ribs!
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Its actually 63 degrees right now but snow on Friday. It snowed 4 inches on Thanksgiving when I was smoking a turkey tho.
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Very nice looking ribs. What a nice color. Low and slow?

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Oh yea 210-225 3-2-1 steps. I always use Chalula Hot Sauce when I wrap, and I found some that was chipotle flavored and it gave it a nice kick right at the end. icon14.gif
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