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need help picking electric smoker

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i am going to be getting my older brother a electric smoker for chirstmas but i am having trouble. he wants to smoke: ribs,jerky,fish,etc. my budget is no higher than $100, i was looking at the little chief but i seen good and bad reviews. please help!

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Might be a little tuff to score something for 100. Possibly, some outlets MIGHT have a MES 30 on sale around that. Check Lowes or Home Depot, maybe Cabelas etc for sales.....good luck...Willie

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You could get a Big Chief type aluminum smoker for under $100. It is fine for jerky and fish, but I'm not sure how good it would do on ribs.

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Try E-bay and search electric smokers you can get a new brinkmann  with free shipping for 108.00  I did not search much so there might be better deals.



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Remember that the best gift you can give your brother in order to guarantee good BBQ no matter what smoker you get him is the SMF address 



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I did the same for my younger brother (61 years old) last year and went with the Smokin-it model 3.  A lot more than $100; but for it's size, less than a SmokinTex, which is another option.  So far, so good. No problems just good BBQ.  The Big Chief smokers have a good reputation, been around a long time.  Sort of like Timex:  takes a lickin, keeps on tickin.


There is another company out there making electric smokers that has been around for quite a while (since 1923) and enjoys a good following.  They run about $125.00:


Check them out and read the stories. 


 Good luck.

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