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Venison Roast and Pork Tenderloin

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Hey all!


I'm gonna smoke a couple venison roasts ... one boneless sirloin roast pretty "plain" ... simply plugged with bacon and garlic with some Arizona Rub on it ... but the other chuck/rump roast I'd like to combine with a seasoned pork t-loin ...


What I'm wondering is ... If I want to "wrap" one roast around the other ... would it be better to put the pork inside the venison ... or vice-versa?


Appreciate any insights!!


Oh, BTW ... here's a couple pics of some bacon-wrapped/brined/plugged turkey breasts we did last summer!  My wife said that it was the best meat she's ever eaten! 





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How fun! I would vote for the pork inside the venison, but ask the pros! Meanwhile, how fun! Cheers! - Leah

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Thanks, Leah! ... Actually, I did check with some "pros" ... and decided to wrap the pork-t around the venison ... and it worked out awesome! 


I "roll cut" the pork-t and then seasoned it on the inside of the roll with Mesquite Arizona Rub and bacon bits ... then I seasoned the venison on the outside with Cavender's anaugh's Greek Seasoning and wrapped the pork-around it.  Then I wrapped the whole thing in bacon and tied it.


Smoked @ 225-250 for about 4 hours to an IT of 140 ... foiled, toweled and rested it in a cooler for 30 minutes plus ... and ... oh boy, girl!! ... the fans went wild!!!


So ... there you go!  Thanks for the reply!


Rhino DBJ

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OK now THAT sounds like it was downright amazing! Fantastic job!!! Cheers! - Leah

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O wow, just drooled in my morning coffee, that sounds great....:32:

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