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Hello/dehydrating anchovies

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Hi everyone
I recently purchased a dehydrator and made some peppery beef jerky for the first time a few weeks ago according to one of the recipes on here which to my surprise turned out really good. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has dehydrated anchovies before or if you guys have any suggestions about doing this. Thanks
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Anchovies are a really oily fish.... I would think they would need to be in a brine for awhile to help remove the moisture and add salt as a preservative to keep the oil from turning rancid..... Look for a recipe for a similar fish like sardines or smelt and see what is recommended....
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I do sardines down here the old school village way. I don't use a dehydrator ,salt ,weights & time.
If that is a direction you want to head in let me know.
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