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Buying meat

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Wow, went to Restraint Depot yesterday. First time in a large discount place the selection and volume of meat,seafood and chicken is awesome. I have finally seem all the different cuts of pork and beef that are discussed in the forum. II can't wait to start smoking all of this found bounty.

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I sure wish there was one of those stores around here.

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I went into a new store to me this past weekend, Cash & Carry, and I think it is now my new favorite store.  Tons and tons of meat to select from.  I bought a 16 lbs brisket.

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There's one here in Cleveland Ohio. Wish I could get in but it's  Wholesale only..

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There's one North of Detroit and one in Cleveland , but not in Toledo :frown: . I'd join KCBS just to get a card:icon_exclaim:.


I use a local Meat Mkt. and get good prices and quality. I'd still like to be near an R.D.

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