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First attempt at making Fatties

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I started with mixing some venison sausage with some wild hog sausage. One fattie got bell pepper, onion, jalepeno, and pepper jack cheese. The second fattie received poblano peppers, chorizo, and pepper jack and cheddar cheese. Smoked at 225 until I reached 165 IT.

I really liked how the fattie with the Chorizo turned out, lots of flavor. I then needed to create a side dish, I decided to go with the Wicked Baked Beans recipe that I found on the site. It was the bomb, the whole family loved them. If you have not tried them it is a must. 

I ended up cooking these in the oven.

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Sounds interesting. What other kinds of sausages did you use besides the Chorizo?

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There is a whole lot of smiles in those pictures.


Nice job!

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You were eating fine, sir. Well done.



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