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hanging in mes 30

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I bought a mes 30 and have done pulled pork and jerky but would like to venture into snack sticks and bologna and such..... do any of you hang sausages in a mes 30? Is it even possible?
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I'm with you , Chevy. I'm borrowing a Bradley30" and am venturing into the Undiscovered Country soon. We'll do this learning curve . We've got a lot of experience to draw on... just remember . . .

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Any tips for us? Anyone
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I did a small amount, only 5 lbs. this week in my MES30, I am sure as long as you don't exceed 10 pounds it would easy breezy. I didn't have dowels but paper clips worked just fine.


Hope it helps you about smoking, as to making sausage there are loads of guru's around here. My first step would be probably the moderator of the sausage thread in the forums. That means he's like the big kahuna of country sausages, breakfast sausages, summer sausages, beef sticks, and just generally a wealth of knowledge.


What he doesn't know, he knows the phone numbers to find out about. He can point you in the right direction.

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I also own a 30 inch MES, and what I did, is went to the local big box hardware store (Lowes) and bought two 4 foot 3/4 inch hard wood dowels.  Then I went home, measured the width of the smoker, and then cut the dowels into lengths 1/2 inch shorter.  Then I measured the length between the rack mounts, marked that, centered on the rods, then cut a channel using my Dremel machine on both sides, so the dowels would sit flat when the smoker and not roll around. These channels are wide enough that the dowel sits on either side of the rack mount and about 1/3 the depth of the dowel.  2 4 foot dowels gives me 4 rods to hang sausage on.

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Yea that's a good much have u had hanging in yours?
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Originally Posted by chevy16001 View Post

Yea that's a good much have u had hanging in yours?

I use 2 usually, when doing pig casing size sausage, across the top rack mounts, racks removed.  Although if doing Breakfast sized sausage, I can use all four pieces on the top rack mounts.

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Don'tknow  what the box of an MES30 looks like but this ismy  hanging adaptation with a piece of threadall.







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