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Christmas Brisket

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I know its well ahead of time, but got a nice 5.6kg brisket(12lb) from the butcher today. Having Christmas dinner(on boxing day) with the neighbors, so thought we'd deviate from the usual turkey and ham. Anyways into the fridge for some aging. I'm thinking about cutting it in half as it won't fit in the smoker completely as is. Is there any down side to this? Preferred way to do it? my other option is to leave it whole, throw it on the propane grill and use foil packs to smoke. EDIT nevermind, found a couple posts about not cutting, will try and get it to fit by drapping it over something, it should just fit.


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So, got this sucker out, slathered and rubbed down.


Found out she's a bit to big to fit in the smoker, so grabbed a paving stone and wrapped it in foil to "hump" the brisket until it shrinks down. to make it a bit more interesting, it was -23C(-9f) here this morning. Smoker wont go above 215f with a heavy towel draped over it to keep some heat in, so gonna smoke for a few more hours then throw it in the oven. Using a mix of mesquite and cherry pellets so she should have a nice color.


About 3 hours in, outside temp has "warmed up" to -12C(10F)

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So holiday-esque looking! Great Job! I love looking at everyone's creations, it's just fantastic!!! Merry Christmas! Cheers! - Leah

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Merry Christmas to you Leah,


Here are a few more pics once it came inside, gonna reheat today and do the burnt ends up.

Fresh out of the smoker


Future burnt ends

Closeup after oven roasting

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Wow, the little pieces really look moist and terrific!!! Such a fabulous job! Cheers!!! - Leah

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Boxing day brisket? Sounds like the making of a new holiday tradition to me!

I'd love to have some of that.



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Did you put it in the oven directly after taking out of smoker? What tempdid you finish cooking it in the oven. Looks good.
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Originally Posted by mfalto View Post

Did you put it in the oven directly after taking out of smoker? What tempdid you finish cooking it in the oven. Looks good.

I put it in the oven at 250 until the brisket hit 185 IT. I pulled and let it rest for a couple hours in the cooler. Rewarmed on low bake in the oven for a couple hours today in a covered pan. It was extremely tender, had it tonight with the neighbors, so full.....

Also put the burnt ends back in the smoker with some Cajun seasoning and bbq sauce, they turned out really good also, we've been eating them like candy...

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