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First Time Chicken Legs

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Going to throw some chicken legs on the smoker when I pull off some boston butts this weekend.  I have never done any legs before but have had great results with whole bird and thighs.  I always brine my thighs overnight and dust on a simple homemade rub and they turn out great after about 3.5 hours.  Was wondering if I should brine the legs or not?  Also curious about average cooking time?  Open to any and all suggestions.

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I haven't done legs by themselves either but they should cook the same as thighs since they are both dark meat. With Poultry i would brine...might as well

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Yep :icon_exclaim: Same as Thighs...


Have fun and as usual . . .

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Thanks for the advice...I figured I should prep them the same as I do my thighs.  I was a little worried about the weather because it's been really windy with highs in the upper 40's the past few weeks...but just saw it's going to be in the 70's here in NC this weekend.  I'll take it and I'm sure the smoker will appreciate it!  Will be sure to include some QVIEW of the pork and the chicken this weekend.

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