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Yesterday, I was smoking a ham for my wife. Things were going well.....I thought. Got some smoke, temps were rising,

normal stuff. The temp stalled at 130 degrees. Seemed odd because it had been rising so well. Internal inspection

reveals the support rods for the element and chip tray had broken. Previously, I had put a large chunk of left over

granite on those rods to give me a thermal mass for those colder days. The weight was too much!! Since that unit

is over 5 years old now, it goes into the storage shed


On the other hand, I have the newer MES 40 sitting in the storage shed for holding cured country hams. The upshot is

that I will swap the 750 watt unit for the 1200 watt unit and keep smoking for Christmas.

In the newer unit, I will provide better support for the granite chunk.

Happy smoking.

nChapelHeel....go 'Heels