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Someone did a cajun taters, corn and shrimp last year and it wasnt that hot until I bit into a piece of corn..... My a$$ is still on  Looking forward to whatever you make Bob... I'll have my epi pen with me just in case.... I just had my first allergic reaction to shrimp on new years.. watched the clock tick 12 at the ER.........

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just put my vacation in today... looks like Thurs. to be there... noonish ... Bob.. whatever you bring I know will be excellent...
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Hey Pineywoods, sent ya a PM about some directions and such. 

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Don't be such a wuss Joe. That was just the shops regular shrimp boil. John even toned it down a bit. Drink more beer! cheers.gif

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We are looking forward to seeing everyone there. I have got my time off so does the wife. Sure did miss seeing y'all last year.
Jerry please remember to save me a campsite for the RV if you can.
Thanks Fife:yahoo:
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Probably won't be down in Florida that first week of April. I would have loved to do this. Hopefully some of my New England brothers on the forum will come together to have a New England Bash.

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Counting down the days!

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

My vacation was approved... See everyone there...... Hope you can make it Doug

Thanks buddy! I'm hoping to come up Friday after work but will have to leave sometime in the afternoon Saturday

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Could someone send me the address and directions to the fam and I were interested in going. Thanks! Thumbs Up

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Woodz it is close to Tallahassee . Just PM Pineywoods and he has the directions typed up and will send them to you, if he hasn't allready seen this post and done so.

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I would love some more red beans and rice Bob.
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Joel.. you coming this year ?
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Hotel info has been added to the first post of this thread

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Wow, y'all have fun grilling_smilie.gifyahoo.gif ! WHB
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Originally Posted by WaterinHoleBrew View Post

Wow, y'all have fun grilling_smilie.gifyahoo.gif ! WHB


Come on down and visit us we'll have people in from all over the place

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Hey, would really like to join y'all but can't fit it into the ever shrinking budget this year. Do y'all do that event every year ? If so I would like to join ya at some point. Have fun for me banana_smiley.gifgrilling_smilie.gif . And just remember I'am fresh outta bail money, so y'all gotta behave.... WHB
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That boil was the best I ever had!!!!!!!!!

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Hope y'all have gotten the time off and are making plans

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yup.. all set to go... thanks Jerry
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carts charged, beer is cold, looking forward to seeing everyone. Van

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