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smoke hollow smoker

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I want to start by saying this site is not user friendly at all! I signed up 15 minutes ago and just figured out how to post a thread. Maybe someone from admin can make it easier. Probably not. I found this site on google but be damned if i can find the thread i was looking at. Now that i got that out, i have a smoke hollow smoker and i cant for the life of me keep it under 250. Does anyone have suggestions? It was given to me by an ass that had it laying in his yard for two years. I had to replace the regulator. Now the flame burns everything and the temp wond go below 250.
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I frequent a bunch of different forums and find this site very easy to work. It has the best search engine out of all of them too. Sorry I can't help you on your temp issue. Although I put a needle valve on my gosm and can fine tune the flame very easy.
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What is a needle valve?
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Franknitti , hello. Welcome to our "secure " site. The reason you have a delay on the post is we (Moderators) check each post in an effort to keep Spam off the Fourm . Your post appears afterwards...


We are , IMHO , the most user friendly BBQ Forum on the Net , we just have rules. After a few post you will be added sooner.


Oh, and a Needle Valve is a flow control added to your Gas line to help reduce flow and heat below what the valve does.


Hope this helps and as always . . .

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Sweet! Can please post pics of a needle valve and how and where to attach it? Id love to smoke some pork belly! But not with the way mine currently performs.
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Sorry , do not have a Q-view , but they are cheap and can be had from a Hwd. store or Gas (Propane) dealer . Goes on the line  (in-line) beyond the spring Valve.


Have fun and.. .

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Ill ask about it when i go.
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Couple of questions for you Frank.   Are you only using the gauge on the door to determine that it won't go under 250?  Or are you using another thermometer to actually show your chamber temps?


Reason I ask is that most Smoke Hollows I have seen actually have the reverse problem in that it's difficult to get them ABOVE 250 if need be.


Secondly, you said the "flame burns everything".  Is that the flame from the burner ?   By "everything", are you talking about meat in the smoker?

Is it possible that your wood chips/chunks are flaming up and that's what is causing the temp to be so high ?

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Ok. I replaced the temp guage on the door when i got the smoker. The woodchips arent flaming, the pan im using is too small
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That's why I hint at using a Record of your cooks. A good Digital Probe Therm. and/or the Thermopen is essential ; you must know the equipment you are going to use...(see my Avatar) . I can hold any temp. needed and even Cold Smoke in the Winter. :biggrin:


As for the heat , play with the Machine a bit . . . :confused: Learn where your heat is maximized or minimized , your Chip container gets too hot ? Do a Mailbox Mod. for one of Todd's AMNPS. Read a lot of Threads , search our Search engine (above) and ask a lot of questions . You'll soon see the responses you will get , and they are usually 'right on spot' .   i.e. ,Use us ; that's why we are here...


Have fun and s always . . .

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This is my needle valve set up. Cost me $20 for parts and for a propane guy to install it.
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Ok. That makes better sense. Thanks.
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