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Results of first Brisket, thanks for you'lls input.

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So no packers at Sams only 6.5# flats.

Used Solaryellow's rub, swapped chili powder for the chipoltle, as I was out.

Did this on the Rec Tec pellet grill, used one of Todd's tubes with pellets from the hopper. Lit tube and went to prepare the meat, blew out the tube and fired up the RT to 250 then put on the hunk o cow around 6:30 am 4.5 hours later the IT was at 171 so I decided to foil as suggested used the rest of the bottle of wine we had the Saturday night. Upped the temp to 300 about 45 minutes later IT was 195ish checked with toothpick ended up cooking for about another 30 minutes IT was 203.


Put foiled meat on a cookie sheet, and set it on a towel on the counter covered with 2 more towels and left it rest, temp came down to 154 IT took it out and sliced some up.


Turned out pretty good, a bit to salty on the top side, the wine gave it a bit of flavor but nothing overpowering, it was moist and tender. Next time a little less salt.


Rubbed up


About 4,5 hours IT 171 ready to foil


After the rest 154 IT


Sliced up, bit of a smoke ring but more importantly moist and tender.


Cooked at a higher temp than I would have normally, many thanks to those here that gave me some input and on another forum.

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Looks delicious, Dave!  Very nicely done...:Looks-Great:



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Not sure the way you did it but Brazilians are famous for their tri tip (Picanha), just add rock salt to the thick part of the fat once you scored it, for 5 minutes before cooking, before cooking remove the rock salt and just cook. Comes out perfect every time!!! I bought 2 pieces yesterday to cook them this weekend.


Jealous of you right now since i have to wait for the wknd. Looks great!!

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