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Snowy Days

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So what did everyone smoke during and after the storms this weekend? How did it turn out?
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I haven't Smoked this Snow Storm yet, looking to  see how Jan. starts. I have my Frostyballs coming again... ICMC annual Pigout in Fostoria , Ohio. Ya'll come and drink and party hardy. Open to all..



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Smoked a pork shoulder last Sunday during a the snow storm outside temp was 3-5 deg F, Used a masterbuilt 7 in 1 and had no problem maintaining 225-240 deg. Took about 9 hours in the cooker and then let it rest for 2 hours came out great made pulled pork sandwiches with it. Very happy with this smoker.
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Ah, you folks who put the BBQ and Smoker away just because there is snow and cold temperature, make me sick.  I BBQ and smoke all year long and I live in a cold climate area.  My smoker and BBQ sit about 30 feet out the back door, the BBQ under a Lean too I have made, it back to shed my MES smoker sits.  I have hydro to shed, a heater I can put in it.  No excuses, just good food all year around.


That 30 feet, I keep it cleaned out, and from the pad that BBQ sits on to the shed door also.

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