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Smoked (bacon cheeseburger, jalapeño) meatloaf

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Ok I planned on cooking a bacon cheeseburger, jalapeño, meatloaf in the oven today. Then yesterday I kicked around the idea of smoking it. My wife said "were gonna get 4-6 inches of snow, you can't smoke it Saturday"...

Challange accepted!!!

This is what I started with:

And it's still snowing...

Here's the loafs:

Just put them on the smoker at 6:45 eastern time.

Never did meatloaf on the smoker before so this should be interesting.

This damn heavy snow is hitting to soon this year. Gonna be a long winter, and a long night. Time to warm up!

I'll update with progress later...
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This has been a cold, snowy start to winter for us too.

That looks and sounds tasty!
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About 2 hours in and the loaf is reading about 120. I've had some issues keeping temp up around 225 like I've wanted. I guess it's to be expected when it's about 13 degrees outside. Aiming for about 160. Definitely gone through more charcoal and wood than I'm use to in the summer. Forgot how different it is when it's cold.
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Thanks TG. Hopefully it turns out.
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Well I'd love to update this thread but for whatever reason it won't let me upload any pics.
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Come on rockstar try try try again.  Don;t give up keep saying I know I can I know I can I know I can.  Might click shoes together three times too.



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What's going in Stan? Smoking any fruit these cold winter days? Lol! I just tried to upload pics again and it just won't let me. Maybe I've been banned by SMF for being to much of a rocker! I've been thrown outta nicer places... :)

Hope your doing well Stan. I hope we also have another Michigan smoke get together next year! That was a great time!
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Hey Scott,  Not much fruit but it is cheese season. The weather has been wonderful there is finely a coating of white that covers everything I did not get done this year in the yard.

I hope you didn't get banned it's most likely just the cold.  I will do all I can to have another get together this year and try to get a earlier date.  Keep trying!



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Love a good challenge, snow never slows down our Smokin!

I tried uploading photos earlier on another thread and it was a no go. So there must som glitch going on right now.

Bet your meatloaf turned out great!
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MMM. That sounds good. I might have to dig out the smoker too.



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Whoa pic uploading works again!

Here's the delicious bacon cheeseburger, jalapeño loafs right off the smoker!

They received ketchup/mustard baths about 20 minutes before being pulled. Nothing fancy here! This loaf is modeled after a great cheeseburger, so why mess with a good thing???

Just cut into!

And finally smoke ring!

I had a few more pics, including a finished plate but I deleted them days ago. Sorry but I wasn't sure when I'd be able to upload Qview again.

Enjoy y'all!
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I knew you could do it Rock star.  Very tasty looking Meatloaf.  Ha showed the wife the last pic and she said is it done looks awful red. 



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