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Safe Turkey resting time?

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I have a dinner party tonight that begins at 5:30 which means I will likely cut the bird at 5:45 PM EST.


The stupid recipe I used called for said my 20 pound turkey would take 3.5 hours to cook.  It only took 2.5 hours at 325 degrees and that was pushing the limits of overcooking the bird.  I just took it off the smoker with the breast temp at 160 degrees, tented it with heavy duty tin foil and put it on my cooler (two thick towels on top of the tin foil).  So I have two hours give or take a minute before serving.


Am I going to be okay or will we all die? :D  I can go ahead and slice it but it will dry out before I get there.


Anyone, please help...  thanks in advance

post #2 of 2'll be fine :)

I would say leave it whole, wrapped, and in cooler...but it looks like you've already had your party...sorry so late to reply.  Let us know how it went, with Q View!!

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