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1st try at summer sausage

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Making my 1st attempt at some Venison Summer Sausage today.  Mixed 7lbs ground venison to 5 lbs ground pork.  AC Legg Summer Sausage Seasoning and cure.  The kids helped me get the casings stuffed, they are now sitting in the fridge till tomorow morning when I'll fire up the smoker.  My AMNPS just showed up yesterday, (Thanks Todd for the fast shipping).  We'll see how it goes... I'll try to post some pics tomorrow.  If all goes well, I plan on another batch next weekend along with some snack sticks


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:welcome1: Sounds like you are off to a great start cant wait to see the pics

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Looks like your "crew" is ready.....



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I suggest a dry run with your AMNPS today to make sure it will get enough air and is not close to your heat source. They work fantastic when you have them set up right. Sometimes it takes a little playing around to get them figured out.

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That is a good idea,  I was concerned about that as well, as my smoker does not have any vents, except a very small hole at the top.  I saw another thread where someone added some vents to their Smoke Hollow smoker.  Might have to make some modifications this afternoon...until I can build a new smokehouse next summer!

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One quick question. What is sitting in the fridge till tomorrow morning. The kids or the sausage. Lol
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Well, my ,modifications went well.  Had an old grill laying out back, so I grinded the rivets off the vents and used them.  Had to use the vise and a hammer to get the curve out of them, lol.  Should have enough air flow now!

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If you have any troubles you may still need a hole near the bottom so air gets flowing. Those spinner vents work great. Your going to like that. Good luck with your sausage tomorrow! 

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1st pic is the one at the bottom!
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Originally Posted by hookedonsmoke View Post

1st pic is the one at the bottom!

I apologize, I thought they were 2 pictures of the same vent. You will be in great shape with those vents!

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Venison summer sausage? Your killing me. That is going to be so good. I also think you have it pretty soft with those helpers! My fondest memories are doing things with my parents. There is nothing better than spending time with your kids.


Keep smoking and posting.



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Got a late start, Santa kept me up till 3am wrapping presents! A full smoker is a happy smoker

Wow, I just got my Maverick dual thermometer, so this is the first smoke with it. I replaced the factory thermometer a while back with a River Country unit. and they are almost 35* in difference. I had my suspicions a while ago that my temps were running hotter than the factory thermometer was saying, things were getting done way quicker than they should have been, that's when I replaced it, but the new one seems way off too, compared to what the Maverick says.

I can also see a PID in my future, these temp swings are killing me...
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After 13 hours, I'm happy with my first run. The taste is good and the rest are blooming in the fridge for a few days. After peeling the casing and slicing a few pieces, the outside layer is a bit tough and or dry...but the kids will still eat them, lol!
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