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Spit braai

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It's this time again ,end of the year.
and we did our annually Spit braai for our employees .
it was a great day.

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Hello.  Good lookin sheep.  Absolutely LOVE the paint gun idea for basting.  Good post.  Thanks.  Keep Smokin!


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I see your professional-grade basting brush is hard at work again!  Awesome job, it takes a real pro to carve while its still spinning! and what a great thing to do for your guys, Wish their were more folks like you out there. 




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Now that's one hell of a fine animal you've got there! You did such a beautiful job! The video was so fun and terrific to see - as if being there even! Thank you for that!


Did anyone get to eat the head and eyes? Or was that discarded?


In any event, so delicious to see! BRAVO!


Cheers! - Leah

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Love that basting gun:yahoo:Just the right  tool . Lamb was a lovely colour,looks like a great day.

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Do you need any more employees? That looks awful good.



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Again Fantastic! You have some very lucky employees!
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thanks guys .
next year it will be in a built in bbq .

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