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My first pork butt w/Qveiw

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With some apprehension and excitement I started my first smoke that will be shared with family and friends. First I want to say thanks to all the great members of SMF that share so much from experience to recipes, you really help bridge the gap from not having a clue to putting a finished product on the table.

I followed the advise of several SMF members, all the way from preping the smoker the first time, through a batch of chicken thighs and now my first pork butt.

I have a 7 1/2 pounder in the smoker, all seems to be going well so far, after 1 1/2 hours I noticed quite a lot of smoke and decided I needed to see why, as I expected my pellets(mix of hickory and cherry) had jumped rows in the AMNPS, I had read so much about some having problems keeping it lit that I made sure it was lit good!!! Maybe too good, I tried to put out one row and will reload and start later, we will see how this goes!


I have some of these little pans that fit under the "drip hole" in my Weber Q 100 and it fits perfectly over the AMNPS as a tent. I left the top edge in tack but cut away most of the sides leaving corners for support. It fits perfect!

And using Jeff's Rub I prepped my butt :biggrin:,wrapped it in plastic wrap and into the fridge over night. When I got up at 3:30 this morning to start smoking I was surprised at how great this looked even before going in the MES 30.

OHHHOHHH, just realized today is Friday the 13th......burned most of my first tray of pellets, in 2 1/2 hours, my fault, in fear of it going out I put too much torch to it I think and had the pellets too high allowing the heat from one row to start the next. So, we learn as we go! Started a new load of pellets and did not fill it as full as the first time. We will you can tell this is a live broadcast...editing as things progress.


1 1/2 later: Pellets seem to be doing well, nice TBS. Total time in smoker at this point has been a little over 4 hours, just spritzed with some apple juice, smoker temp holding at 223* IT at 135.

The pellets did great and lasted several hours, no more problems. I didn't fill the AMNPS as full, I think that was the problem the first time around!

Unfortunately I have to leave for the rest of the day and did not get finished. Made it to 187*. After several suggestions from SMF members I decided to pull, wrap it tight a put in the fridge the way it is and tomorrow I will finish it on the gas grill with indirect heat or in the oven, but I think the wife is going to be baking so probably going to be the grill. Should not be a problem, I have a large 5 burner Jenn-Air and think I can control the temp as well as the over, I'll use the Maverick ET 732 and watch it close.

I had to steal a bite when I got to this point, bark was really tasty, a little heat, and right under the bark was full of juice!

I will post this and maybe edit or add to tomorrow with pictures of the pulled pork!

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Hello azbo.  Well it ain't Javelina.  :781::icon_lol:  Good lookin pork butt..  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks Danny,

Go Javelina hunting Jan 1, so maybe I will have some to try!

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Ha, was going to take pictures of the pulled pork, seems everyone showed up about the time I got it pulled, got to yakking and by the time I remembered all that was left was a 1/2 sandwich bag full.

I was a little disappointed, seemed a tiny bit dry, and the bark had almost a slight burnt taste. Thoughts on both those, I did not wrap it until I reheated it, I think next time I will try wrapping. Also, I had mentioned early on the I overloaded the AMNPS and it jumped rows and burned the entire load in a couple hours. That might be the reason for the little burnt taste? Not sure.......but I will say this, there were 8 adults and there was not much left so it couldn't have been too bad.

Thanks for all the help and support from SMF!

Won't be long before I try something else, Christmas party tomorrow night (pot luck) and I am thinking "smoked mac and cheese"

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