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Originally Posted by ShrekASTAC View Post

Well not sure the paneling I put on the roof is going to cut it...after a huge rain storm a couple of boards pulled away and bowed up. I think I am going to go with my original plan and do the 1"x6" T&G on top and for the propane house.

Sorry to hear that. Post a pic of what bowed if you can? I'm in the Northeast so I am thinking the unfaced insulation and backer board might be a good option. That would allow more exterior options for sure. 

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Nice looking smoke shack! I'll be following along.
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Very nice....

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Thanks everyone only problem now is finding a sitter
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Alright moving along. I used some of my smoke house allowance to pay for a few extra hours of babysitting so I could get some work done. Bobank the bowed up area I referred to wasn't too warped. It was more just because the 5/16" paneling I used for my roof I had originally installed using 1" pin nails because I had ran out of 2" finishing nails. I got some more and redid the roof. Should be pretty solid but once I put some heat in the house I will evaluate. I ordered and received my burner in the mail. Northern Tools 3 Propane Burner that's favored by many on this site. (Oh by the way that was my first time in Northern Tools I think I am hooked now). Well here is some progress.



Got the 4" smoke stack installed. A little unsure about using the metal ducting tape when my temps get up. Anyone have any feedback?



Hooked up the mailbox on the side for my AMNPS. Routed in using 3" aluminum elbows. Tip: When buying a hole saw I would recommend going 1/4" larger than the hole you are cutting to give you a little bit of play. 1/4" may seem like a lot but spread out along the entire circumference and you should be good to go. The mailbox is an all steel box from Lowes.



AMNPS inside the mailbox. I bought the 5x8 and I also bought the scratched and dented one and couldn't find anything wrong with it and it was like $15 cheaper lol.



You probably can't see it but I ran a little cd smoke through. I am still working out the kinks with airflow but I did buy a couple 6"x6" vents. More to come...stay smokey my friends!

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This looks awesome. I would love to be able to build my own smoke house, but still in process of buying my own house so its going to have to wait a little bit for now.

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Awesome build Shrek!!
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Great looking build!

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Ok back from the bed guys. Sorry it took so long to post anything but upgraded the ole girl a bit.
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Need some suggestions on what to use for inside the smokehouse in regards to racks and dowels for hanging. My main goal is to make jerky strips so I would want an option to be able to slide numerous racks into the SH.

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If it was me, I'd take a piece of wood, say a 1x4. drill a series of holes along the center line (1/2"-3/4"). Then rip that board in half along the center line. This will give you a rail that can support dowels for hanging and a lip for racks, Attach to the sides. Space them several inches apart for the entire height of the sides. Then you can support racks or dowels. You will have to get creative since your door opening is smaller than the inside of the smoke shack. I guess you could use the dowels to support the racks too. I use 1/2" wood dowels for hanging. The span in my smoker is about 28" and they do fine. Looking at yours you may want to go with 5/8" or 3/4".

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I did what dirtsailor2003 is talking about with my smokehouse build. It works very well. I made my own dowels out of 2x4, too cheap to buy them.....
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Thanks for the replies guys. I'm doing the dowels but my question is in regards to the racks themselves. Without going and buying super expensive grill grates what are some safe alternatives?
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I used the cake cooling racks from Walmart. They are ok, but you have to take care of them and they are a pain to clean. I would look for a restaurant supply place and see what they have. Get the ones with only metal going in one direction.
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You can buy sheets of expanded metal from HD and Lowes. If supported by dowels it would be strong enough to use as racks.
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great job.  I need to build one also.  I've been looking at builds all over this site as I'm sure you did too.  You really did a great job.  I'm having problems picturing the SFB in my head.  Do you have any completed pictures.  I would really appreciate seeing pictrues of the fire box.


Again, great job.

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