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Late Thanksgiving post....smoked duck

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What's her name always prepares the traditional turkey for thanksgiving. The sides depend on who's coming to dinner, each child and grandchild has their favorite. I have been relegated to cater to the more exotic taste of my son, son-in-law, and myself. Duck has been the favorite for the past few years. I used POP's brine, in for 24 hrs. Fired up my homemade smoker let it settle at 225*F. Pierced the skin. Rubbed the cavity with butter mixed with corriander, cummin, poultry seasoning, and other spices. Diced fruits and veggies and stuffed into the cavity. All remaining diced goodies into a shallow pan for underneath the duck. I smoked it for about 4 hours using pear, at IT of 165*F I wrapped it in foil and rested in my cooler. Very good taste, just a hint of smoke overall a success!


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Hello.  Mighty fine lookin meal.  Keep Smokin!


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Nice Duck . I need to try it though , send me one next time you get one...:drool:biggrin:

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