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Who here is living in the Philippines ?

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Who here is living in the Philippines ? A lot of times I am trying to find stuff and maybe we can help one another find what we need th_INGardenbbq7.gif

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There are a few members on here who live there but don't seem to post much. 


I am getting ready to move over. I'll be just outside of Cagayan de Oro. Was planning on march/april departure, but looks like its going to be longer than that. 

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Oh great ! I live in Davao City

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by the way, you could bring me some Prague powder # 1  :welcome1:

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yeah, your only 5-10 hours away depending on trafic, time of day and how many tricicads etc. get in the way... hahaha


prague 1, gotcha covered bro! my mother inlaw has 2lbs of pink  salt  that I brought to her back  in march when i visited. I did indeed bring it with me from the states. Somewhere along trip, some gov official opened the suitcase and opened the package of pink salt. I did have it still in the priority shippin box with receipt in it where I bought it off ebay. They were kind enough to leave a nice note saying ** this bag has been opened by DHS for inpspection**.... Imagine that, where it was packed in the bag, good lord, they wasted 20 minutes or more opening then REPACKING that bag. She's got a sausage stuffer, meat grinder etc. Don't know if she's ever used it since i  left though. if not, its her loss. I'll get in touch with her and see what i can do about sending ya a lb or so. 


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that's cool, I really was hoping to cure & smoke a picnic ham for Christmas

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i'll have the wife get in touch with momma and get ya some sent down. if you don't care, shoot me your address and phone number in a pm. One of our neighbors is a manager/supervisor  for *rural transit*, so i might be able to get it brought to you on a bus rather than postoffice.


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does anyone know where to buy thermometers in manila? im building a custom rig and cant seem to find restaurant supply stores or proper equiptment anywhere. also, if anyone can point me in the right direction for pork butts and brisket purveyors.

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I'm in Laguna. 

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Hi ya eattruth. I'm still in the states for now but was over there last year. If you use the sulit classifieds, do a generic search for meat slicer, meat grinder, or something else cooking related. You will have to open some adds, but there are LOTS of supply folks advertising. You can also try ayosdito classifieds. 


Your up kind of close toTagaytay aren't  you? Visited there and looked at a few pieces of land when i was there in march/april. Ended up getting nice place down south though. Very nice area.


Good luck in your search...


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I'm not far from Tagaytay. In fact, I took a trip up there a few days ago. Its a short drive from here. Thanks for the advice!

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no problem nick, hope one of them can hook ya up.


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