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cold weather

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Wow some cold snowy weather we are having, anybody smoking ? I am going to do a seasoning burn this weekend I hope (if work permits) Any advice for cold weather smoking ?

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Just try your best to keep it out of the wind. The cold by itself can be overcome, but if it's blustery and gusty around your smoker, the temps could fluctuate.

I did some cornish hens the other night and they turned out great. Got some pics coming in a few days.

This weekend I might do a chuck roast. I experimented with one a few weeks back by injecting and rubbing it with a creole butter sauce and it was a real winner.

If you're in need of some ideas or things that can be done quickly, let me know, I have tons.
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Wow chuck roast sounds good and any quick recipes would be appreciated !! I hope to finish seasoning my smoker this weekend , I made it myself so I am iching to get started.I made a cold smoke generator tonight so I can try to smoke cheese .I just like about anything smoked.
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