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Smoker cleaner

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Ok so I have been doing a lot of brewing for the holidays and im gearing up for some pulled pork in the morning. As im cleaning my thermo probes and stuff and found that my brew cleaner works very well at cleaning the smoky black mess off your smoker! No soaking no scrubbing just dip it in and rub with your fingers....just melts right off! Get some and use it!

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Would this work without dipping?  Such as spraying on, or sponging over a larger surface such as grates or interior of smoker?

I'm assuming it's food safe seeing as it is used with brewing.

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You are supposed to rinse it well when using PBW.  It's similar to caustic soda. 


Another brew product that works great for cleaning anything is One Step.  This is a no rinse cleaner.

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It could be sprayed or wiped on but you do need to rinse it off afterwards. ..kinda not a big deal considering how well it works.
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I pretty much rinse whether using elbow grease or a cleaner.  Either way you got to get rid of the crud.

I'll try to remember this tip next spring.

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Good idea,Grilldad. I just wipe the probes clean post cook , the heat probe holder I have several and don't worry about it's looks , but Kudos to you for taking care of your equipment. :biggrin:



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